Alcohol infused gourmet desserts


If you love tasting delicious gourmet desserts, and if you also like to occaisionally partake of a drink or two, Big Kids Candy 90 minute workshops may just be your version of heaven…

If you haven’t caught on yet as to what on earth the ‘Big Kid’ element of ‘Big Kid Candy’ is, allow me to clear things up for you.

During the 90 minute workshops you and your classmates will work with an Executive Chef teaching you how to make all kinds of mouth watering, tooth decaying treats like peanut brittle, marshmallows and rocky road, all of which are infused with a healthy dose of alcohol.

Yes the golden nectar, generously drizzled through your sugary delights.

And the chefs, being the professional beings they are (of course) recommend generous quality and taste testing as a means of getting to know your ingredients inside and out during the best, booziest 90minutes of your life – of course resulting in a rather interesting and fun afternoon!

As the video below shows shotting raspberry liqueur on the job is not only permitted, but strongly encouraged.

Oh and did I mention you get to take home not just the mouth-watering candies made during the sessions but the recipes as well! They’re actually inviting you take their secrets home with you and share them with the neighbourhood! Hell have a street party and get everyone in on this!

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