It’s OK to be afraid… Delve into Maitland Gaol


When in the Hunter why not delve into the spooky past of the Maitland Gaol.  With over 150 years of history, housing some of Australia’s most hardened and notorious criminals and convicts, Maitland Gaol is a treasure trove of local history and the source of many local stories.

The doors are now wide open.  The prisoners are long gone, but the gaol now serves as a fantastic attraction in the Hunter Valley for the curious and the adventurous.

Learn about the daring escapes that were attempted.  Visit the haunting punishment cells, the exercise yard, chapel, prison kitchen and infirmaries. All places with haunting stories and experienced tour guides to weave the tales.

There’s an awesome self guided audio tour you can take that is great for groups.

Or you can brave a sleep over at night – only for the very brave!

Grab your night-vision cameras and infrared goggles.  Take up your Electromagnetic Field Detectors, Laser Thermometers, Parabolic Microphones, Laser Grids and Motion Sensors and see for yourself if the stories are true, ghost hunters or believers in the paranormal will absolutely love it.


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