Scenic and Adventure Flights in the Hunter

Adventure flights, scenic flights skydiving in Central Victoria

The best way to see the Hunter Valley is from the air, a sky high adventure will be the experience of a lifetime. Experience the exhilaration and thrill of skydiving or an adventure flight, or take a scenic flight and marvel at the scenery beneath you.

Get your head in the clouds and take advantage of the clear blue skies of the Hunter Valley’s summer to see the beauty of the Hunter Valley from above.

Take a Skydiving Tandem Jump over the vineyads, harnessed to a professional and experienced tandem skydive master. Freefall from 14,000 feet for 65 seconds of exhilaration before floating gently through the sky under a parachute sail before landing softly on a grassy patch with a great tale to tell!

Take to the skies in a Helicopter. Heli tours are fantastic offering unparalleled photo opportunities and an exhilarating taste of the skies. You can also skydive from a helicopter, a little lower at 10,000 feet, Chopper Jumps offer added value with a scenic chopper flight before your jump.

You can also opt to stay inside your aircraft. Aerobatic Flights will leave you breathless, thrills come thick and fast on a stunt flight in an aerobatic stunt plane.

Wave to the wine tasters below you as you take to the skies in the iconic Tiger Moth, a flight icon and one of the cheaper options. A joy flight will set you back between 200 and 300 dollars.

Whether you go for a scenic flight, an adventure flight, a chopper ride, skydiving or just a floating hot air balloon ride, the sky’s the limit in the Hunter Valley.

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